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March 2018



Instalação em Crochê


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During the event FestA – the SESC Learning Festival – the artist contributed an enormous 9x6m panel right at the entrance. Her works were spread out along the path leading to the venue of the workshops, starting with a curtain of colored drops acting like a gate in the hallway, an umbrella with rain inside of it, and a tapestry piece of running paint with the words “Every storm shall pass, environment dominated by children captivated by color”

 Going up through any of the stairways to the next two floors, visitors would see hand-painted panels decorated with crochet.


The acrobat – it’s good not to be balanced, but rather to be a good balancer.

The trapezeist – the best fall brings you right back to earth

Umbrella with rain inside – every storm shall pass

Balloons – Let it float

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