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About the artist

Anne Galante has a natural talent for knitting and crocheting. Her hands never tire; she learned the techniques at the age of 12 and has never stopped since then. During her teens, she produced knitted or crocheted pieces for friends or to sell at events. Her decision to study fashion design at SENAC came as no surprise to the people around her.

Even when attending college, Anne never let go of her needles. As she lived far away from work and college, she would take advantage of the many hours she spent commuting by bus to work on her creations. She was so productive that her exclusive creations began to attract the attention of stylists. For several years, Anne produced knitwear and crochet pieces for well-known fashion labels in the Brazilian market. 

This intense period was a major learning experience. As time went by, Anne realized that her work could have a bigger purpose, more closely aligned with her goals in life.  Her experience with major fashion labels proved that the fast fashion model is unsustainable. Therefore, she decided to undertake something more special by dedicating herself to her own creations and by following a more conscious production and consumption model.

Today, along with her sister and partner, Anne Galante owns the brand Srta. Galante (, a studio focused on developing handcrafted pieces of knitwear and crochet. Anne takes care of the creative aspect and brand development.

The sisters believe that the brand's, most valuable asset is valuing the handmade work and those who create it. Empowering the small and generating opportunities for income and development. That is why, to promote sustainable growth, Señorita Galante createda network of experienced knitters and crocheters, who see their partnership with the
brand as an opportunity to gain financial autonomy.

Letters knitted by Anne Galante

My dreamy mind finds letters in the wind that fall on my needles and begin to create.

Precise stitches seem confused, and meters and meters of yarn form curves and angles, embedding all of my intimacy in a multitude of storylines that blend together in my recipe for life.

At the core, hands create a magical meaning, interweaving materials, crossing and uncrossing these haphazardly like the paths that I follow.

I weave silk threads that form the fabric of my existence, filling today with surprises, but without secrets, and stitching the future together, thread by thread, full of love and hope.

And what about the patches? Oh, the patches! We have 2 choices: we either mend everything to start over or we discard it all. Remnants from the past!

In the meantime, the scissors of life cut the rest and we complete our dream with a flawless finish!

Each year we learn to move up the ladder of evolution, rung by rung, step by step, stitch by stitch.

 We embroider a smile on our face and are grateful for this life full of textures and adventure!

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