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Anne Galante - SESC-Casa Cor-38
Anne Galante - SESC-Casa Cor-16
Anne Galante - SESC-Casa Cor-27
Anne Galante - SESC-Casa Cor-23
Anne Galante - SESC-Casa Cor-17
Anne Galante - SESC-Casa Cor-26



The artist prepared an interactive décor set in a ‘camping in the woods’ theme for WORLD PLAY WEEK. Right at the entry stairway, decoration with hand-made flowers. She created gigantic multicolored beanbag snakes, part of a lake-like environment with Vitoria regia water lilies (giant crochet sets), a giant frog and all sorts of fishes.

For the external area, she created bushes in crochet. The piece even included transit signs for kids to ride their bikes around them.

This interaction with children is very important to remind us of the importance of handmade objects.


Sesc Belém

São Paulo



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