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To shed some light on the variations of its latest launch, Lacta Intense, the brand introduces Intense Experience, an exclusive space with an immersive experience into the world of their “dark” chocolate line. The chocolate line which combines the intensity of the flavor of cocoa with the unmistakable velvety texture of Lacta chocolate. 


To make Lacta's unique dark chocolate velvety texture tangible, a distinct and astonishing characteristic in the elevated cocoa content segment, the brand summoned artist Anne Galante to breathe life into the soft room. The area is made up of a series of knitting and crochet pieces, providing the feeling of warmth and velvety softness on all sides of a circular, edgeless environment. To truly experience this room, Lacta prepared a guided tasting of its 60% and 40% cocoa line so that the participants could taste, feel, and experience how velvety-soft the product is while using their five senses.


Giant knitting and crochet exhibition



January 2020

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