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Nem todo Splash é Tinta (Not every Splash is Paint)


Intent on participating in the São Paulo street art movement, Anne Galante created the "graficrochet", in which she attaches her crocheting to outside walls.

Nem todo Splash é Tinta (Not every splash is paint) was her first project on the streets of São Paulo, promoting the message that you don't have to limit yourself to paint to be part of this open-air gallery.

Graficrochet by Anne Galante

One of my most recent projects is to tell the grandmother's old story of knitting and crocheting in a contemporary narrative.

Here, everything is hand-made, with an inspired touch and reflecting an urban attitude with an artisanal touch.

I usually let my creativity run loose. I like to create directly with my needles. I make some sketches and drafts to plant the seed that will germinate, transforming into a new project, walking one step ahead of the rest to build the muscles necessary to take flight.

When I thought about taking my work to the streets, I also thought about how to make graficrochet more durable. It takes a lot of effort to make something that doesn't last very long, so I had to develop the perfect yarn and the perfect method. I find there is something very poetic in the contrast between the colors of crochet with the gray of cement.

I am a Paulistana in heart and soul. This metropolis of São Paulo is a stage of diversity, of bohemianism, of street fashion that always impresses me with its endless streams of cars and the many different tribes that inhabit the city. But I can't deny that every now and then I need to take refuge in nature, to renew my energies and keep that endless inspiration alive, the passion for creating something new, making my imagination expand to an ancient past, combined with a refined craftsmanship and a world of make-believe.

I make creative use of everything around me and always try to maintain the freedom of living on the road, without imposing much logic on my final work, working with the improbable and resurrecting these ancient techniques.

I tell my story as my imagination expands into the ancient past and a not so distant future.

I try to keep my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds, capable of dreaming without fearing my dreams, with my ideals, transforming my dreams into goals and goals into reality.

The graficrochet project was the result of one of those dreams: I am passionate about the aesthetics of graffiti and I wanted to participate in this movement, take my art to the street, in a very democratic way, for everyone to see and appreciate it in this wonderful open-air gallery that is São Paulo.

Everything we do requires determination, and I am very grateful to have a job that is a substantial part of my personal fulfillment.

I started working with fashion, but as a true Gemini I am unable to focus on just one thing, so I dedicated myself to interior design and now art. I'm not afraid of change. What I like most is to take advantage of change as I'm sure it is part of a mandatory evolution.

I love sharing this knowledge. In fact, I believe that knitting and crochet techniques should be taught at school. These techniques promote coordination and concentration skills, improve our mood, provide a sense of well-being, increase self-esteem and teach us to reach our goals and not get discouraged. And when you make a mistake, you have a chance to go back and correct it. It would be wonderful if we could do that in life as well.

The formula for making the perfect crochet is very simple: you have to practice and concentrate, and then practice and concentrate some more. And this intense concentration takes you into your deepest self and when the piece is finished it contains those millions of thoughts.

We can say that intervening in the city is a way of "non-institutionalizing" art. Urban art does not limit society, nor does it define people. It does not choose a certain type of public or social class. The street, the skin of the city, includes everyone as spectators.

Connecting art, psychology and human behavior has helped me to understand many issues I had only heard about, but which I am now part of.

The world is surrounded by a society that needs to express itself. These manifestations began long ago in caves and pyramids, and didn't stop there, as we see reflected in artists and also in me.

We should not be worried about understanding art, but about feeling art.


Splash Art


Vila Madalena, São Paulo - SP



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