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Splash + Barbara Goy + Tikka Meszaros

Nem todo Splash é Tinta (Not every Splash is Paint)

"Nem todo splash é tinta" (not every splash is paint) is a street art project created by Anne Galante. An admirer of the aesthetics of graffiti and lacking the slightest talent for painting, she used her gift with crochet needles to fulfill her artistic dream of creating crochet artwork combined with graffiti, making the city more beautiful and colorful.

Anne uses 2 techniques: a crochet made of special thread, strong enough to last on the street and attached to the wall with cement, and crochet stencils, spray-painted to leave only the painted image of the crochet pattern behind on the wall.

On this mural at Avenida 23 de Maio, Anne applied her crochet along with graffiti artists Barbara Goy and Tikka Meszaros.


Splash Art


Avenida 23 de Maio, São Paulo – SP


April 2015

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