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Fashion Revolution Week 2017 is a week that celebrates the workers in the fashion industry and remembers the disaster of the collapse of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh on April 24, 2013. During this event, the artist created, during roundtable presentations and debates on the subject, her giant knitting to call attention to handicraft techniques and their importance to the world.



Handmade Dreams

The technique is ancient, but the dimension that Anne Galante uses in her performance is new and refocuses attention on the importance of these handicrafts to the world.

Using big needles and thread, she weaves a huge futon for people to lie down on and remember their dreams. Anne Galante's mission is to preserve these techniques and recover the health benefits of creating a handmade product, promote wellness and reflect on conscious consumption and production. Fashion is not just for the fashion world; everyone wears clothes, and often people have no idea how cruel the production process can be.

In these hectic times where everything is "fast", she proposes an alternative to this frenetic pace by offering a deliberate “slowness”. While she knits, the audience interacts by watching a slow movement that stitch by stitch forms a giant work of art. Just like in our dreams, if we take the first steps, it will slowly become reality.



Handmade Dreams


Unibes Cultural - São Paulo


April 2017

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